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If you want to attract attention, use red in your home. Red is the most stimulating color. The pituitary responds by red light. The adrenaline, the hormone is released and changes the chemical composition of the body. You breathe faster, your blood pressure, pulse, and increased heart rate. We have no control over these physiological responses. As a result, red is associated with a high energy, movement and stress.

Reds can be fiery, passionate, sophisticated and warm. There are many shades of red to play with: blood red, blush, brick, burgundy, flame scarlet rose to name a few. Use red as an accent in the interior. If it stimulates the appetite red is a perfect color for kitchens and dining rooms. Red accents in playrooms create energy and excitement. Red works well with other warm colors like yellow and orange, the neighbors on the color wheel. With shades of blue that you can create. A nautical look The energy balance of neutral red or chocolate brown.


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