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Awesome Tips 1
Be careful with design furniture in the bedroom
Although it is not ideal for a TV for the bed as to infidelity, there are situations where this can not be avoided. In such scenarios, make sure you have an installation of TV non-reflective so that the real reflection of the bed is blurred out and made indescribable screen. The next option is to install a built-in wardrobe, fully covering the TV screen when it is not used to completely hide any form of reflective surfaces facing the bed.

For details to make the other furniture is the design of the bed. With the many models available for you, choose a bed that is considered auspicious. Make sure that the bed you choose has to be a solid foundation or is made or solid frame construction so as not to shake or move during use. A bed that shakes or looks fragile offers in your life and could not bear to think carefully about your luck. A solid bed symbolizes a successful bed. It is also believed that the higher the bed, the better. But this only works if only one double bed, two single beds together not pretend to be. For a double bed
Awsome Tips 2
How to enlarge the room when he is short on space
For parts that are tight on space, there are some design techniques that the visual aspect of the piece can expand to. For a sense of spatial freedom This prevents the room from becoming a messy feeling, and also helps to maintain a sense of freedom and abundance in space.

Keep the design as simple as possible. First, Avoid ornate designs because it creates too much disruption to the decor of the room and can cause too yang activity in the room. The bedroom should be a place of rest so that the design should reflect this mood setting. Another consideration is to use light colors to brighten up the room. Dark colors tend to light creating a soft effect absorb while providing a burst of momentum in the room. Shades of light color

Second, use a wide low rather than a high bed design bed. By lowering the visual perspective of the bed over the room, it gives the room a more spacious look. If you have a sealed chamber spaced a high level bed accentuates this limitation.

Third, consider using the full height glass door or window panels to allow maximum natural light to enter the room. This allows natural light to illuminate the room creating an airy atmosphere dynamics, but also the possibility for the interior of the room to communicate with the outside world, thus expanding the visual aspect.


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