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Forget boring white basins or stainless steel with no style; many of today’s kitchen sink designs are surprisingly stunning. Indeed, it is entirely possible to choose a sink that either makes a strong statement, or that perfectly integrates into its surroundings, based on your preferences. Beyond the array of many aesthetic options out there, there is also a functional side to the sink. Whether you whip up gourmet concoctions for every meal, or you order in all your food, the sink is one appliance that everyone will assuredly use on a daily basis. With all the practical and pretty options out there, your choice of sinks merits careful consideration—don’t leave it as a last-minute afterthought.

When selecting a sink, you might consider the overall look and feel of your kitchen. Take everything into account, from the look and theme of your kitchen to more distinct elements of the interior, such as textures, color palette, and contrast of lights and darks within the room. After establishing a sense of the style of your kitchen, it’s time to hone in on specifics.

First of all, look at the many sink materials available. These widely fall into one of the following two categories: natural materials, which include various types of stone and metal, and manmade materials, which range from standard plastics to technologically advanced composites.

When looking at natural materials, granite is one possible choice. Granite sinks are sometimes seen with a rough, textured front in an apron sink design. Sinks may also be made of northeastern green slate or soapstone, a beautiful, matte material that is virtually maintenance-free. Sinks made of concrete provide a natural, rustic look and benefit from consistent color throughout the sink. In addition, metals have the ability to add glamour to the kitchen. Ranging from gleaming, highly polished stainless steel to hammered or flat copper, pewter, bronze, or zinc (which comes in matte finishes), metals call attention to your sink with style.

Also consider the wide variety of manufactured materials. Made with superb durability and good looks, this group includes cast iron, fireclay, Silgranit, quartz composite, and engineered stone. These materials offer extended wear, they come in a wide variety of colors, and they are available in both matte and glossy finishes.

Functional sink features and sizes are now becoming commonplace. Sink options are available in a wide assortment of sizes, including extra-wide single sinks up to thirty-six inches across—which will fit even the largest pot or pan. New kitchen sinks are designed to fit flush with the top of the countertop, not above or below it, but perfectly in line for a cool, fully integrated look that is also easy to clean. Any size sink can also be top mounted or under mounted (mounted underneath the countertop for a built-in look). Apron sinks are a favorite for traditional-style kitchens, giving the kitchen that old world look and a strong design statement, while providing large basins perfect for prep and cleanup.

Specialized design features add additional practicality and ease to cooking and cleanup. Larger sinks may have a low-set divider that makes it simple to work in the sink while still allowing for separate sections. Strainers and cutting boards are available that fit perfectly on top of the sink; these often are slotted in on one side with the ability to slide them from side to side based on your needs. The drainboard—a place for non-dishwasher items to drip dry—can be selected for the left or right side of the sink.  As an alternative to the typical drainboard, there is also the option of a stepped-up platform inside the sink, which also dries kitchen items as well as being handy for cleaning produce. Another useful accessory are slightly raised racks that fit into the bottom of the sink to protect the sink bottom from scratching. Remote pop-up drains allow you to open and close the sink drain from the countertop—a helpful feature in the prep and cleanup process.

The kitchen sink is clearly an important design element in any kitchen. With a wide array of helpful options and endless material choices available, you can easily select a sink that is perfect for your prep and cleanup requirements—and that fits perfectly with your kitchen’s overall style.


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