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Besides beauty, wood has other benefits. On a kitchen island, for example, around which people often gather and socialize, a wood top is a perfect solution. Wood is gentle to fine stemware and avoids accidental chips in china, and due to its sound-absorbing properties, wood quiets a room full of guests. Finishing the wood with Durata®provides a waterproof and stain-proof surface.

As another alternative, end-grain butcher block provides a beautiful and functional work surface for cutting and chopping.  End grain is a checkerboard-like construction style offering the ability to create patterns and designs. Placing two small end-grain butcher blocks on either side of a stove or incorporated with a sink creates an efficient workspace. 

Details in wood make all the difference, and they can truly help add a customized touch to any space.For a truly unique piece, personalize your wood surface by laser-engraving a treasured phrase or your family name on the side of a thick butcherblock. Removable knife slots are great if you change your knife sets frequently; just re-order a new insert designed to fit the sizes of your new set. Drain boards and custom waste holes are popular features, and perimeter wood countertops can be made to include sinks and incorporated drainboards.

With a vast array of colors, styles, and tailor-made options available, designing the perfect wood piece for your space is a creative experience. No other surface provides the warmth and natural beauty of wood.


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