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The interior styling and white is a color neutral background, but is also used to highlight. Forte in a color by mixing colors with white (paint), you can make soft pale pastel colors. On the other hand, serious white color more forward.

According to forecasters, the trend in Europe to color heroes spring and summer of 2013 turned white. Bright, spacious, bright, summer, young and fresh, gay, lifting the spirits, the color of purity and innocence – feelings associated with the color white. White is a mixture of all colors in the visible spectrum and reflects 100 percent of the light. White aids mental clarity and encourages us to clean to remove. Clutter and obstacles

Li Edelkoort trends in his letter: “progressive editors of Vogue (Germany, Italy) foretell the power of white stand above all others and in romantic dresses or baptism accompanied by own business, encouraging white as a choice more abstract and mind is essential for spring / summer 2013 absolutely become white like the choice of fabric right and not be blinded by a rainbow of bright colors .. peace of mind to do, creating a feeling of happiness. “Be inspired by my Pinterest board pure happiness!


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