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Brown is a reassuring color and connects us to the earth. It gives us a sense of belonging, stability and substance. Brown plays an important role in the health food industry: brown bread, brown rice, brown beans are finally associated with healthy and organic foods. Brown is also a popular color for cafes and restaurants. Besides green, brown is a color of nature and earth. In Western societies, brown is associated with stability, reliability, comfort, warmth and simplicity.

In the interior is brown to decorate with. Versatile color is not as dark as black, but a rich shade that provides a backdrop for many other colors. Contrast brown hot chocolate with a light shade of blue and white to create contrast. Rich and a sense of comfort and space Brown works well with other earthy colors like orange, yellow or red in the living rooms, kitchens or bedrooms. Use brown for focal furniture such as dining tables, coffee tables, lounges and convenient and decorate with bright color accents in pillows, art and decoration.


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