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Purple – one of my favorite colors – mix blue and red primary colors and combines the power of red and the tranquility of blue. Have you ever wandered through a field of lavender and bathed in color and smell? In color therapy improves purple artistic talent and creativity and helps people to find. Spiritual powers, creativity and inspiration, the German composer Richard Wagner worked in a purple cope room. His operas Purple is also the color of royalty and is associated with luxury, wealth and sophistication.

For your interior design projects, you can choose many shades of purple. A soft lavender example works well in the room as it creates a sense of calm and not too overwhelming. It is also an appropriate color for the nursery and an alternative to blue and pink.

For rooms with lots of natural light, the intensity of the hue and deeper tone. Also check the reflectance value of the color of your chosen paint. For a pair of sleek and sophisticated look with violet shades of white and subtle beige. Deeper purple tones are beautiful accent colors in pillows, blankets, rugs or decor. Think of a purple vase with fresh flowers on your coffee table.


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