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For many people, the gray is boring and depressing, rainy gray days, gray winter days (especially in the northern hemisphere), the gray faces. Silver, Oyster, Pearl Mist, Driftwood, Aluminium, flannel, tin, Elephant, Ebony, cement, zinc, steel, smoke, cashmere, dolphin, ocean, Pebble or Donkey – a few names for the shades gray. Gray lives in the middle between black and white and seems to have no personality.

It can be difficult to decorate with a cute gray like gray black approaches, the more light it absorbs and it demands of its environment. Colder climates or in cold rooms and cold in the light

In interior design, gray in all its shades is a versatile and flexible color. This is a fantastic background for bright colors like yellow, red, pink or purple and it can make any interior.


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