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Black is definitely a strength. If black absorbs all light and color, it is literally about the absence of all colors. While in Western societies, black is the color of death, mourning and repentance, China and Japan is associated with honor. Black Black clothes are often worn by those who reject. Society and the norm in society It is also the color of authority and power and popular fashion because it makes people appear thinner. Priests wear black to show their submission to God.

Black and white to create a contrasting color indoor use. Interest Black adds drama and elegance to a room. Paint a wall black, combine to create. They inject with white and bright accent color and elegant interiors I have hair in black and white with a bold black and white square marks on the ceiling and walls and coral pink background. Chandeliers give this commercial space an enchanting atmosphere.

Use the same idea of ??picking a bold black and white stripe on a function, a headboard or bed cover. A wow factor in a small room Use the power of kitchen cabinets and black high gloss offset with wood veneer. Wall blackboard is not only useful for taking notes and shopping lists, but also a creative space for the whole family. Chalkboard paint applied to a wall or a door is also a good option for a child’s room.


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