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Wood countertops are a classic design element. Mixed and matched with other modern surfaces, using wood in your overall look prevents your kitchen from being stuck in a specific design era. Equally attractive and suited to contemporary, traditional, or transitional kitchens, wood surfaces also add warmth and function to a room. With a wide variety of colors, patterns, and finishes available, there are many advantages to integrating wood within almost any kitchen.

The style of your kitchen can guide the color and design of your wood surface. For a traditional or transitional kitchen, select woods from the brown and red color palettes and add a decorative edge profile. For inspiration on your edge profile, try to duplicate an element in the profiles on your cabinetry. Contemporary kitchens tend to have lighter-colored islands constructed of bamboo or maple or even the almost ebony look of wenge. More modern-looking countertops are often finished with square-edge profiles for a crisp look.

The ideal kitchen design contains more than one countertop style. Do not feel limited to only one surface for your kitchen. Experiment with combining different materials, colors, and textures. Wood grain affects the appearance as well as the implied texture of a countertop. A strong-grained wood like zebrawood adds texture as well and brown and black hues. When juxtaposed near a stark-white countertop, zebrawood creates the desired tension of professional designs. Zebrawood also has pronounced black graining that accents black cabinets wonderfully. Other woods complement different colors. The red tones in cherry and mahogany, for example, successfully pair with gray- and steel-hued countertops and cabinetry.


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