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Tips 1
Be aware Bed Place
One of the key elements that contribute to the design room auspicious is the location of the bed. Some things to watch for include the orientation and the actual position.

With guidance, I mean that you must check that the headboard is pointed at one of your favorable directions faces based on your birth date. Hold the end of the bed, use a compass and take facing the headboard. For young couples who want to expand their family would be the best direction to face the direction of Yen Nien husband. For students, trying to get the head towards the direction Fu Wei. For the well being and good health, type your direction Tien Yi.

By region, I mean you would have to locate deep. The bed in the bedroom The best place is a diagonal to the entrance of the room, making the bed surface to form a corner. Their own privacy zone By doing this, the bed is placed in a position that is not in direct line of bedroom doors. Also ensure that the bed is not aligned with a wall, where the other side is the toilet.

Tips 2
Guide your reading table correctly
For those who need to work from the bedroom, one of the few things to watch is the meaning of work and the way the table is set in relation to the architecture of the room.

Try to be one of your favorable directions met, but in some cases the direction of the front of the table not be suitable for you. In such cases, a corner of your computer screen 45 degrees to the left – or right and check if one of the two co-exist within one of your favorable directions.

In a situation where space is limited, avoid sitting in the front or back door. Rather, sit where your actual seat position is off the door. In this case, while the bedroom door opens in a direct line of sight to study the table, the actual seating position is in the middle of the door. In unavoidable cases where the door opens directly to your sitting or sleeping, consider the use of fabric door curtains as a way to visually “hide” the door to prevent it. Visual poison arrow

Another factor to watch is the implementation of the reading table vis-à-vis the adjacent toilet. If you need to go to the bathroom bathroom share the same wall make sure that the actual location of the toilet and drainage utilities are placed on the far wall, so that you do not share it with the wall you face while you work.


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