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Orange is the only color of the name of an object. Orange is a secondary color mixed red and yellow and therefore combines the energy and drama of red with the happiness of yellow. Temperature wise orange is considered the hottest of all colors. It induces a feeling of warmth, fun and creativity. Orange includes everything from light acid tones dusty earth tones and is also known as ocher, terracotta, peach, tangerine, ocher, tangerine, pumpkin, mango, apricot and saffron . Pantone has chosen Tangerine Tango as the color of 2012.

Orange interior creates a sense of warmth and protection and gives the confidence to be creative and to initiate new projects. Orange is a color if you want to create. A mid-century retro look in your space bright oranges as accents in a room will be a focal point to make and can be used in playrooms to stimulate creativity. Touches of orange in the kitchen and the dining room to stimulate the appetite. For a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your input use orange as an accent color wall or hall. A lively and interesting to create program. Orange contrast with a cool turquoise and add warm neutral tones


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